1979 Fruehauf Non-code Trailer

7,700 gal, aluminum, non-code transport trailer.

Spartanburg, SC


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Trailer Features

  • Capacity: 7,700 gallons
  • Compartments: 1
  • DOT Code: Non-code
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Stock #: 3948
  • Suspension: Spring
  • Tires: 60%
  • Misc: Center unload, no baffles, 60% brakes, and #6 oil residue.
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Jim, Customer

What's right for me?


Best solution when the haul is consistent & long term. Builds immediate equity with your investment and creates the tax benefit of depreciation.


A long term lease affords the flexibility of a rental with the opportunity to build equity through Polar’s Lease-to-own option. An off-balance sheet solution to add to your fleet.


Best solution for immediate equipment needs to support expansion or short term business opportunities. Minimum investment required.

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