Engineered Liquid & Dry Bulk Unloading Solutions

PSC offers bulk unloading pumps, blowers and compressors including oil-free options, customizable for your needs and built with proven components. We also offer Polar-Pac, an engineered liquid bulk unloading solution.

Introducing Polar-Pac

PSC is proud to introduce Polar-Pac, the engineered solution to all of your tank trailer liquid bulk unloading needs. The Polar-Pac has a no-drill, rail-mounted frame that requires only 20 inches of frame. It has a modular design with reservoir and cooler and is easy to install and field-serviceable. It can be engineered with an oil-free vane compressor or piston compressor, or with a gear pump or oil-free positive displacement pump.


Polar Bulk Unloading VANExVANE product


Tank Guard Brochure

Every Tank Guard® Blower includes:

  • Exclusive 18 month limited warranty

  • Friendly dirty-core acceptance criteria

  • All blowers have a serial number assigned for quality tracking purposes

Every Tank Guard® Blower is:

  • Completely dismantled, cleaned and inspected

  • All parts are returned to factory specifications

  • Every unit is remanufactured using all new bearings, seals, spacer, and other wear items

  • All parts used in remanufacturing are factory OEM components. (MD-Pneumatics, Drum, Gardner Denver)

  • Every unit is extensively tested for proper operation, on our customized test fixtures

  • All items are repainted black.

  • All blowers are shipped with an instruction manual and oil.

Bulk Unloading Products

PSC offers bulk unloading products including these top-of-the-line components from the leading bulk displacement manufacturers.

PSC Pumps and Compressors Catalog

Ingersoll Rand SV200 compressor

Ingersoll Rand SV200

Oil-free sliding vane compressor with up to 36 PSI and up to 102 CFM

Spec Sheet

Performance Curves

Installation Drawing

Product Brochure


Ingersoll Rand SS5

Ingersoll Rand SS5

Piston compressor with 39 CFM at 25 PSI

Spec Sheet

Performance Curves

Parts List

Quincy Compressors

Quincy QTS5 Compressor

The heavy-duty Quincy 5 HP four-cylinder compressor delivers up to 35 CFM of air and is recommended for tank trailer liquid product unloading.


Ingersoll Rand SS5

Blackmer Vane Pumps

PSC offers Blackmer vane transport pumps for clean, lubricating liquid petroleum products, biofuels, or solvents. TXD2.5A shown.

Spec Sheet

TXD 2 Performance Curves

TXD 2.5 Performance Curves

TXD 3 Performance Curves


Ranger 229HHFRV Gear Pump

Ranger Series 22 Gear Pump

Ranger Series 22 pumps deliver up to 165 GPM of capacity and are offered in 90 and 180 degree configurations for superior liquid pumping.

Spec Sheet


Bypass Assembly for 3” Pump


Roper 3600 part

Roper 3600 Series Gear Pump

With capacity up to 165 GPM, PSC offers the full line of Roper 3600 series gear pumps, flanges, and components for premium liquid pumping.

Spec Sheet

Hydraulic Motor Adapter

Rebuild Kit


Bypass Assembly for 3” Pump

Tuthill T1055

M-D Pneumatics® T855 & T1055 Transport Blowers

Premium rotary positive displacement transport blower solutions with lasting performance for all your dry bulk unloading needs.

Spec Sheet

Performance Curves


T855 RS Spec Sheet

Hydraulic Cooler

TankGuard Hydraulic Oil Cooler

Greater heat rejection and automatic cold-weather bypass combined with compact design and increased durability make this the ideal solution for your reservoir cooler needs.

Spec Sheet - 30 & 60 GPM

Installation Manual - 30 GPM

Installation Manual - 60 GPM

Customizable Bulk Unloading Solutions

We happily help you with bulk unloading solutions that meet the specifications and needs of your fleet of tank trailers and tank trucks. We will happily customize a solution for your fleet's unique specifications. Whether you need a pump, blower, or compressor; and whether you need oil-free or gear-driven unloading, we can provide you top-of-the-line equipment made of proven components from companies like Ingersoll Rand, Tuthill, Ranger, and Blackmer. We will work to identify your specific needs and build the right custom bulk unloading solution for you. Contact us today so we can help you address your bulk unloading needs.

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PSC Offers Multiple Solutions for Bulk Unloading:

  • Food Grade
  • Liquid Bulk
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Hydro-Chemical
  • Dry Bulk
  • And More