Propane Bobtails

JARCO has produced more than 5,000 propane trucks in its 50-year history in the bulk transportation business. Now part of Polar, JARCO continues to be committed to safety and innovative design of MC 331 pressure tank vessels.
Learn more about how to obtain a quote on a custom-built propane truck or see our completed truck inventory here.

If your company is growing its fleet or in the market for a larger barrel tank, we will build to your exact specifications, matching your tank choice to the correct chassis based on your individual needs.  

All new tank units are equipped with Polar standards:propane_bobtail.jpg

  • All-welded liquid piping
  • Reliable components from Fisher, Rego, Blackmer, Corken, Liquid Controls, Neptune, Betts, Hannay
  • BASE Engineering radio remote shut-down system
  • Recessed float gauge flange and relief valve couplings
  • Aluminum deck, fenders and tool box
  • Complete sandblasting and painting of tank units and piping


  • Recertified, refurbished, stretched barrels are a cost-effective option
  • Lift-axle units
  • Tandem axle units
  • Mini-bobtail units

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