2015 Polar Fuel Delivery Tank

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2015 Polar Fuel Delivery Tank

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Name: Jeff Smith
Phone: 509-688-3497
Email: jeff.smith@polarsvc.com

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2015 Polar Fuel Delivery Tank
Description: 4,500-4 gallon Fuel Delivery Body to mount on your truck
Trailer Type: Petroleum
Location: Sacramento, CA
Capacity: 4,500
DOT/MC Code: 406
Material: Aluminum
Compartments: Four (4) - 800//1000//1200//1500
Barrel: Elliptical Non-Insulated
Internals: 3" Betts Air Operated
Stock #: A15096
Unit ID: 15096
Vapor Recovery: Civacon
Miscellaneous: Civacon overfill, all double heads, build to your spec.