1981 Beall Truck Tank

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1981 Beall Truck Tank

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Name: Don Olson
Phone: 909-913-0178
Email: don.olson@polarsvc.com

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1981 Beall Truck Tank
Description: Fuel delivery truck tank with single meter and reel (provision for second system).
Trailer Type: Petroleum
Location: Kent, WA
Capacity: 4500
DOT/MC Code: 306
Material: Aluminum
Compartments: 4 - 1500//1500//1000//500
Barrel: Elliptical Non insulated
Valve: 4" C-B Manual Operated
Discharge Piping: 4" loose piping included
Hose Carriers: 2 Tubes 7" Full Length Aluminum
Design: Side Delivery Pumper Tank
Stock #: 3079
Unit ID: 23559
Cabinet: Large Aluminum Tank Mount Side Cabinets with Doors, (1) each side
Product Pump: Pumps not included
Vapor Recovery: Betts Air Operated
Miscellaneous: Compartments all Double Heads. (1) LC M10 Meter, Electric rewind reel with hose and nozzle.