1984 Fruehauf Specialty Transport Trailer

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1984 Fruehauf Specialty Transport Trailer

Trailer Contact

Name: Don Olson
Phone: 909-913-0178
Email: don.olson@polarsvc.com

Forward Trailer Information

1984 Fruehauf Specialty Transport Trailer
Description: 1984 Fruehauf 7800-1 Gal, Non-code Semi Trailer.
Trailer Type: Specialty
Location: Billings, MT
Capacity: 7800 Gallons
DOT/MC Code: Non-code
Material: T316 Stainless
Compartments: 1
Barrel: Double Conical
Supports: 2-Speed with Sand Shoes
Suspension: Chalmers Single Point
Frame: Carbon Steel
Axles: (2) - 5" Round with Stemco Seals
Brakes: 16" X 7"
Tires: (8) 24.5 Mixed
Wheels: (8) 8.25 X 24.5 Steel Disc BSN
Valve: 4" Gate Valve
Discharge Piping: 4" Gravity or Into Pump
Hose Carriers: (2) 8" X 20' Each side, Alum
Stock #: 3134
Unit ID: 06604
Miscellaneous: Spill Dam - SS at Center. Tube Gauge on Front Head. Nose Box up High on Front Head.