1983 Heil Petroleum Transport

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1983 Heil Petroleum Transport

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Name: Mark Hughes
Phone: 864-680-1999
Email: mark.hughes@polarsvc.com

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1983 Heil Petroleum Transport
Description: 1983 Heil 9000-1 Gallon, MC-306 Aluminum Tank Trailer. Last service Ethanol Fuel. In Test.
Trailer Type: Petroleum
Location: Spartanburg SC
Capacity: 9000 Gallon
DOT/MC Code: MC-306
Material: Aluminum
Compartments: 1 with Baffels
Barrel: Conical, Elliptical, Non-Insulated
Supports: Carbon Steel Austin
Suspension: Spring Ride 8 Leafs
Frame: Carbon Steel
Axles: Rockwell 71-1/2"
Brakes: Shoe
Tires: Caps 275/24.5
Wheels: Steel Spoke
Internals: 4X3 Cable
Discharge Piping: 4"
Hose Carriers: 1 tube D8"XL21', Aluminum
Stock #: 3155
Unit ID: P1304
Bottom Load Valves: Betts Openable
Discharge Valves: API Manual
Vapor Recovery: Civacon Manual
Miscellaneous: Scully Overfill with 2 Sockets. Loading Valves Curbside Center.