2016 Polar Crude Oil Tank Trailer

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2016 Polar Crude Oil Tank Trailer

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Name: Charlie Tangen
Phone: 320-746-3491
Email: CharlieTangen@polarcorp.com

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2016 Polar Crude Oil Tank Trailer
Description: 5,000 Gallon insulated DOT 407, 3 Axle Crude Oil Semi
Trailer Type: Ch
Location: Salt Lake City , UT
Capacity: 5,000
DOT/MC Code: 407
Material: Aluminum
Compartments: 1
Barrel: Round Insulated
Suspension: Air Ride Intraax
Axles: 77-1/2"
Brakes: Disc
Tires: Bridgestone 385/65R22.5
Wheels: 22.5 Aluminum
Internals: 5 X 4 Civaon Air Operated
Discharge Piping: 4"
Hose Carriers: (2) Tubes - D8" Aluminum - 1 each side
Stock #: UT145495
Unit ID: 45495
Quantity: 2
Cabinet: 20 X 20 X 10
Discharge Valves: Civacon
Vapor Recovery: Civacon Air Operated
Miscellaneous: Titan Probe, double bearing turntable, extendable drawbar, disc brakes, and tire inflation. Part of a Set but can be sold separately.