1984 Fruehuaf Chemical Trailer

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1984 Fruehuaf Chemical Trailer

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Name: Don Olson
Phone: 909-913-0178
Email: don.olson@polarsvc.com

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1984 Fruehuaf Chemical Trailer
Description: 1984 Fruehauf 6700-1 Gall, MC-307 SS Semi Trailer.
Trailer Type: Chemical
Location: Rialto, CA
Capacity: 6700 Gallon
DOT/MC Code: MC-307
Material: T316 Stainless
Compartments: 1
Barrel: Double Conical, Insulated, Center Unload
Suspension: Pro-par Spring
Brakes: Good
Tires: 22.5 60-75%
Wheels: 22.5 Steel
Hose Carriers: One hose tube
Stock #: 3284
Unit ID: 10605
Miscellaneous: Center spill dam, two New fenders and New rear bumper. 1" pressurizing line, 3" pressure vent, and 3" vacuum vent.